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How I work

Madeleine Bocker - Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor in LondonMadeleine Böcker
– UKCP accredited Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor,
– Qualified Integrative Supervisor of Counsellors and Psychotherapists

My work will be different with each client, as to best serve the needs of the individual. With both short-term Solution-Focused-Counselling and medium or long-term Psychotherapy our work together will take place in an open, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere, building a positive and healthy relationship.

On a practical level, we will meet weekly at an agreed time. Psychotherapy and Counselling are often described as a “Talking Cure”. I will draw on different methods from my integrative training.

For instance, psychodynamic interpretations of unconscious processes, solution-focused and cognitive behavioural concepts to help you on a practical level with the tasks in hand, Transactional Analysis to look at your relationships with others and Gestalt Therapy to experience experimentally what is holding you back and how it would feel if life was the way you would like it to be. Further, I draw on Jungian dream-work and visualizations, which not only help clients to gain deep insights, but also to release old blockages.

The therapeutic relationship lies at the heart of humanistic and transpersonal counselling and psychotherapy. Experiencing unconditional positive regard and containment are the key-ingredients of change, allowing you to safely bring whatever you need to explore, no matter how challenging or scary it might seem.

Over the years I have also gathered a lot of experience of working over the phone. This can be very helpful for clients who struggle with leaving the house for one reason or another, live out of area or have to travel a lot. If you are willing to engage, this can be a very deep and rewarding way of working. To book a phone session, please ring or email me to arrange a time.

If you feel after the initial consultation that you do not wish to work with me, you are under no obligation to do so, or, if you are undecided, you can arrange a few taster sessions to see how you feel.

Due to public demand, I also offer psychotherapy and counselling in German / Psychotherapie auf Deutsch.