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Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Here is a rule of thumb – as a wise man said, smilingly, “If you have a problem in your life – you need counselling. If your life is a problem – go for psychotherapy!”


As outlined above, clients coming for counselling usually have a specific issue in mind, e.g. problems at work or difficulties in a relationship.

We would work through this together, using CBT and other strategies to help you to problem-solve, to become more confident and to communicate better. Generally, we would plan approximately 10 sessions for this.

Some clients then develop “a taste for it” – and decide to do more work on themselves and their relationships and start psychotherapy…


The term comes from the ancient Greek words psyche, which means “soul” and therapeuein, “to heal”.

Through the course of our work together we will tentatively investigate different areas of your life, working with what you bring to the sessions.

I shall draw on my integrative tool-box, using psychodynamic interpretations, TA (Transactional analysis), Gestalt Therapy work, Jungian dream work – and listen.

Psychotherapy will also allow you to work through child-hood issues and traumas, existential crises and to become clearer of what your dreams are for the future.