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Phone Therapy

Phone Therapy with an experienced Telephone Counsellor and Therapist

Phone Therapy with an experienced Psychotherapist and Counsellor is a creative way to work through your difficulties.


Telephone Counselling
and Telephone Psychotherapy


Sometimes people find it very difficult to attend psychotherapy sessions every week in person. This might be due to a job that involves travelling, to living abroad or to being disabled or to being very severely depressed.

This is when holistic, transpersonal phone therapy can be of great benefit. After making a prior arrangement, you can call my land-line and we work closely and deeply together via the phone. While it might seem odd not to meet face-to-face, it can actually be quite freeing for people who feel a little shy.

You know that your therapist can not rely on visual cues and is literally “all ear”. Being listened to in this way can be a very profound therapeutic experience.

Phone therapy can be of great help with acute problems, sometimes people choose to have more than one phone therapy session per week during a crisis, but, just like with traditional holistic psychotherapy, phone therapy really comes into its own when we work medium or long term on a deep, profound level, including working on your dreams.

If you want to find out more about phone counselling and phone psychotherapy, please ring or email me.

I also offer Skype Supervision and Telephone Supervision for Psychotherapists and Counsellors.



Phone Therapy  for London and the UK