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Towards Love…


From Loneliness To Belonging

A Transpersonal workshop in Little Venice, West London

A weekend workshop

A lonely waterfowl outside the CCPE - This transpersonal, integrative workshop helps to come out of loneliness into connectednessEver felt truly alone?

Have you ever felt truly alone? Or did you feel you are not like other members of your family?

If your answer to either (or both) of these questions is ‘yes’, then this is the workshop for you!

During this one day workshop we will revisit some of our loneliest moments, investigate how they made us feel about ourselves and, through exercises, attempt to heal some of the wounds these experiences have left us with, leading to a more loving attitude towards ourselves and a more positive outlook on life.

Some of the work will be transgenerational, illuminating patterns we have assumed in our families. We will use Transpersonal Family Constellations to fully experience these patterns, and, hopefully, transform some of these to more loving ones.

The next workshop will take place
in Maida Vale, London.
Summer dates for the next workshop to be confirmed.

For further information, please ring 07775520989 or e-mail